When is NOW the Best Time (And My Gift To You)

When is Now the Best Time

You are putting off doing something that will transform your business and life. Do you need to hire someone? Fire someone? Change jobs? Get into, or out of, a personal relationship? Increase sales, lose weight, or sell your company? What is it for you?

And when is now the best time. And by the way, my grammar is correct — that last phrase is not a question. When is now the best time.

Last week I blogged about “The Tyranny of How” sapping your motivation and preventing you from getting into relevant action to achieve your desired outcomes. Go back and read it if you need to. Because when is now the best time.

So what are you putting off doing, leader? Do you need to make a phone call, send an email, schedule a meeting? So here’s my challenge to you: Stop reading this and take 29-seconds to complete one simple — and relevant — action step to move you closer to achieving your desired goal. When is now the best time.

Did you do it? Yes? Great!! No? What are you waiting for? If you have not done anything, you have set the wrong goals. Because clearly you’re not passionate enough to affect real business or life transformation with the weak-ass goals you’ve set. When is now the best time.

Get Into Action Now (And My Gift to You)

Email me (michael@michaelveltri.com), post a comment below, or hit me up on Twitter @mpveltri letting me know:

  1. What was one simple, relevant action you accomplished to move a stuck business or personal project / decision / commitment forward because of this blog post?
  2. What relevant and measurable result did it produce?
  3. The first 25 people I hear from will get a free copy of my nationwide bestseller, The Mushin Way to Peak Performance.

Because when is now the best time. Quit making excuses. Stop being a victim to the tyranny of how. And start being the leader that your company and community needs you to be.

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