Michael Veltri combines his background as a world-class professional athlete, cancer survivor, U.S. Marine veteran, entrepreneur, and C-suite executive to motivate and teach successful business leaders and their teams how to achieve peak performance.  As a top rated keynote speaker on motivation in business, Michael shares with audiences around the world his exclusive integrated productivity system known as The Mushin Way.  In addition to keynote speaking, Michael is a Nationwide Bestselling author, consultant and leadership expert for elite organizations such as the Central Intelligence Agency and many Fortune 500 companies.

Bill Storm

CEO, Consulting by Choice

“Michael, your dynamic keynote speech motivated and inspired my leadership team. Your peak performance principles are easy to apply and retain, helping my executive team complete projects effectively and efficiently.”


HR professionals know, keeping their rising stars motivated and attracting top talent isn’t just a key to organizational success — it’s the foundation for long-term organizational survival!  However, in today’s hectic business environment, this core priority often gets pushed off the agenda.  Until it erupts into a full-blown, all-hands-on-deck crisis.

In this Motivational Keynote Event, Michael empowers rising stars and top talent with the techniques and methods they need to:

  • Proactively Remain Engaged, Energized and Retained for the Long-Term;
  • Develop a Career Path that Inspires & Challenges their Passions & Intellect;
  • Viscerally Feel Recognized, Valued, and Appreciated;
  • Grow and Develop Communication, Collaboration, and Leadership Skills;
  • Increase Teamwork and Foster True Organizational Esprit de Corps;

Ultimately, rising stars and top talent learn how The Mushin Way keeps them engaged, excited, and empowered in today’s workplace, while helping them transform into tomorrow’s visionary leaders.

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Gregg DeMammos

Owner & Executive Coach - 21st Century Man Coaching

"Michael's adventurous nature and his energy are infectious. He brings these qualities to his leadership and to his life. I am grateful for his journey as a U.S. Marine, his training in Japan, his corporate experience, his leadership of an extraordinary Aikido Academy in Washington DC, and even the gifts of his recovery from cancer. These experiences give him a credibility -- that he has really walked the walk -- and it makes Michael a living encouragement for us to go beyond our own limits. You can't buy that, you can't get it from watching videos or reading books. You must live it, and Michael has.

Michael embodies this energy, experience, openness to new experiences, and courage every time he speaks, leads, or advises. You want to leap past your comfort zone in his presence into possibility, and his warmth tells you that he will be there by your side, enjoying every moment of your discovery with you."