Michael Veltri teaches his keynote audiences life-changing abilities that elevate them to new heights of business performance and personal achievement. Michael has spent tens of thousands of hours cultivating, evolving, refining, and perfecting his peak performance system, called The Mushin Way, that is exclusively designed to transform business leaders, entrepreneurs, managers, and professionals who must make enlightened decisions when the pace is fast, the stakes are high, and the outcome unclear. His keynote audiences learn how to:

  • Make Smarter, Faster, and Better Business & Personal Decisions;
  • Achieve Rapid, Measurable Results that Boost Performance & Profitability;
  • Complete Projects Effectively and Efficiently — Under Budget and Ahead of Schedule;
  • Lead Their Teams and Inspire Their Colleagues to Perform at Higher Levels;

Col. Michael Callender

Colonel, USAF

“When Michael speaks, organizations listen. His enthusiastic and engaging personality captures the attention of any audience. His innovative and interactive techniques will easily improve the performance of your team. To see it, is to believe it.”



Successful sales professionals are never satisfied. Yesterday’s major achievements are today’s performance standards, and surpassing quota is the expectation — not the exception. Unfortunately however, this path can lead to a widespread problem that Michael has coined as being “successfully miserable”.

In this Peak Performance Keynote Event, Michael empowers sales professionals with the paradigms and perspectives they need to:

  • Start Delivering Sales SOLUTIONS;
  • Cultivate Lasting Relationships with Decision-Makers;
  • Understand What’s Truly Behind Objections — And How to Overcome Them;
  • Elevate Their Performance to Unprecedented Levels;
  • Create a Culture of Achievement & Excellence;

Ultimately, sales professionals learn how to use The Mushin Way to surpass expectations — both their own and their organization’s — without burning out, losing balance, or becoming “successfully miserable”.

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Jason Kalra

CEO & Founder - AbundantWords

"For over a decade, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with hundreds of high profile leaders and entrepreneurs across industries and verticals. Michael is among a very small number of professional speakers I know who is not only capable of connecting with these gifted leaders and entrepreneurs, but IS also one of them. As such, he connects with his audiences on an internal level. Listening to Michael is like listening to your own intuition, free from the distracting and sometimes dizzying noise of information overload that often clogs the channel.

Few people are as gifted as Michael. Fewer still choose to share their gift, so that those around them can benefit and make a bigger, better contribution. Michael is of the latter tribe. The leaders and entrepreneurs he transforms through his work -- and the millions of people who they, in turn, will influence and impact -- are among the benefactors. It is without reservation that I recommend Michael to any individual, group or organization that is ready to go beyond their barriers, and truly make an impact in their life, and the lives of those around them."