Michael Veltri’s business leadership keynote speeches are an opportunity for success-oriented executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and business professionals to transform their leadership skills to the highest level.  Audience members viscerally experience the principles of The Mushin Way, an integrated system Michael has pioneered through his extensive consulting work with Fortune 500 companies, experience as an active-duty U.S. Marine, and through his in-depth training as an Aikido Martial Arts Master.  Audiences learn leadership tools and techniques — all of which Michael has meticulously crafted and refined over many years — to:

  • Make Smarter & Faster Decisions When the Pressure is On, the Stakes are High, and Time is of the Essence;
  • Ignite Innate Leadership Talents and Profoundly Increase Their Influence, Impact, and Effectiveness;
  • Transform Every Crisis and Setback from Obstacle to Opportunity;
  • Lead with Balance, Productivity, and Success Without Burning Out;

Tyson Geisendorf

Colonel, USMC

“Michael brings teamwork, fortitude, and leadership to his corporate clients with dynamic keynotes and corporate consulting. I highly recommend Michael because of his bold and innovative approach to every challenge, his tenacious attitude, and his absolute commitment to excellence that set him apart from others.”


It’s been said that “to whom more is given, more is expected.”  Successful mid-level leaders and managers know this better than anyone, because they’re “rewarded” for their hard work and achievements with an endlessly growing to-do list — and face a growing risk of exhaustion.

In this Leadership Keynote Event, Michael empowers mid-level leaders and managers with the strategies and steps they need to:

  • Know When to Execute, Delegate and/or Escalate Tasks;
  • Build, Motivate and Lead High-Performing Teams;
  • Achieve Peak Productivity Without Burning-Out;
  • Lead and Inspire Colleagues to Perform at Higher Levels;
  • “Manage Up” to Ensure Senior Management’s Objectives are Achieved;

Ultimately, mid-level leaders and managers learn how to effectively lead their teams and advance their careers — not by taking a step back or calling a time out, but by applying The Mushin Way to get much more done with balance, clarity, and efficiency.

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Jeremy Kenerson

Co-Founder - WKG Media

"I have worked with Michael for over a year. He is a consummate professional that anyone can rely on — anytime. His genuine demeanor and poised presence creates clarity, teamwork, and understanding in all situations. The success my team and I have achieve over the last year is transformational.

From his dynamic keynote events, seminars, and unique corporate retreats, Michael can help your organizations succeed the same way. Don’t wait — contact him now to find out how he can benefit your organization."