The Path to Productivity, Balance, and Success


Have you become “successfully miserable”? Are you caught in a “success trap” where yesterday’s major achievements are today’s performance standards and continued success is the expectation — not the exception? Are you “rewarded” for your hard work with a distracting and never-ending to-do list resulting in tension, conflict, and confrontation?

In his Nationwide Bestseller, Michael Veltri introduces readers to The Mushin Way, a pioneering new system for achieving peak performance with balance. Not burnout.  

Written for leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals across all industries, this book equips readers with: 

 • Practical exercises to unlearn a lifetime of unproductive and reactionary responses to threats, conflicts, and challenges and replace them with techniques that de-escalate, clarify, and resolve situations.  

 • Simple and effective steps that teach you how to receive a 20% raise at work. Or the courage and strategy to leave your dead-end job and create the vocation of your dreams.

 • Relevant and retainable tools and techniques to make better decisions when the pace is fast, the stakes are high, and the outcome unclear.

 • The confidence, knowhow, and WHY it is so important to your continued success to create an empowering “third place”.  

 • Actionable steps to move challenging business and personal projects forward to completion with velocity.


“Michael Veltri teaches entrepreneurs how to win the losing battle against distractions and attain clarity in their business and personal life. The Mushin Way to Peak Performance is a fun, fascinating read that will free you from being ‘successfully miserable’ and get you back to loving what you do.”
— Josh Linkner, New York Times bestselling author, cofounder and chairman, Fuel Leadership; founding partner, Detroit Venture Partners

”In my life, there’s been nothing more clarifying than violence. Not random violence, but the focused, controlled study of martial arts. In martial arts, the truth finds you. Michael Veltri has been studying martial arts for decades, and distills its most important and crucial lessons into easy to understand exercises that can be applied to business and life. Read this book and you won’t have to get punched in the face to apply the lessons of martial arts to your life.”
— Tucker Max, #1 New York Times bestselling author, cofounder of Book in a Box

”In navigating through volatile, uncertain, chaotic, and ambiguous environments, The Mushin Way to Peak Performance teaches readers to successfully balance competing priorities. Michael Veltri’s steps toward clarity offer a path to success in life and business.”
— Colonel Michael Callender, United States Air Force

”In this remarkable book, Michael Veltri explains how the principles of the martial art of aikido help you move through life—not physical combat but business interactions, emotional conflict, and managing the crush of a complex, hard-charging world on a busy individual. Veltri has packed a lot of wisdom into an engaging volume full of stories and anecdotes that make The Mushin Way to Peak Performance a pleasure to read as it teaches the art of living and doing business like a samurai.”
— Ben Wittes, Editor in Chief, Lawfare, Washington Journalist, and National Security Legal Analyst



Michael Veltri is a top-rated business transformation keynote speaker with an exclusive system for achieving peak performance in business and life. In addition to keynote speaking, Michael is a Nationwide Bestselling author, consultant and leadership expert for elite organizations such as the Central Intelligence Agency and many Fortune 500 companies. As a professional athlete, C-suite executive, and cancer survivor, Michael has shared his message of resilience, indomitable spirit, and peak performance with audiences worldwide.

Michael teaches relevant and retainable tools and techniques to audiences around the world drawing from his unique background and unparalleled qualifications.


"The principles found in Michael’s book have let me unlearn a lifetime of unproductive and reactionary responses to threats and conflicts and replaced them with techniques that de-escalate, clarify and resolve situations. It has become easier for me to work with high-value, high-needs creative staff and management, and I’ve become a better manager and leader."

Albert Lukban

Director, Internet Strategy