As a business transformation consultant, Michael Veltri teaches peak performance tools and techniques to help organizations succeed in the short-term and thrive over the long-run.  To achieve transformational success, organizations must identify and overcome challenges — some overt and obvious, others systemic and deeply embedded in corporate policies, practices, and perspectives.

For years, leading organizations have tapped into Michael Veltri to provide the business transformation consulting services necessary to elevate for today — and evolve for tomorrow.


John Overcast

Director, Government Sales, Samsung Business


“Michael’s consulting system makes peak performance possible. His techniques definitely helped my team increase sales and profitability without burning out.”


  • Achieve Rapid, Measurable Results that Boost Performance & Profitability;
  • Enable Long-Term, Sustainable Gains Across the Organization;
  • Attract, Retain, and Train Top Talent;
  • Benefit from a Cost-Effective Investment that Generates ROI;
  • Create a Culture of Achievement & Excellence;
  • Increase Communication and Collaboration Between Departments & Divisions;
  • Tap into the Experience of an Acclaimed Business Visionary & “Leader’s Leader”;
  • Get Transformative and Strategic Insights Based on Proven Experience and Unique “Pillars of Excellence”;


Rather than a “one-size-fits-all approach,” Michael offers three consulting engagement options:

  • COMPREHENSIVE: This option includes Michael’s acclaimed and customized (1) Keynote Event, (2) a half or full-day Breakout Session with a smaller group of leaders, managers, sales teams, “rising starts”, etc., and a (3) customized Consulting Program that features (4) one-on-one Peak Performance Coaching.
  • IMPACT: This option includes (1) a half or full-day Breakout session and (2) Michael’s customized Consulting Program.
  • ADVISORY: This option includes Michael’s customized Consulting Program.

In addition, all three options include copies of Michael’s Nationwide Bestseller, The Mushin Way to Peak Performance:  The Path to Productivity, Balance, and Success, which explores his remarkable business transformation philosophy, vision, teachings, and techniques.

PDF Download of Michael’s Consulting Services

Christine Rosen

Historian & Senior Editor - The New Atlantis

"Too often in our impatient world we satisfy ourselves with information when what we really seek is deeper knowledge. After ten days in Japan with Michael Veltri, I understood this distinction far better than I had before. As our group explored the richness of Japanese history and culture, Michael's enthusiasm for and experience of Japanese life provided excellent leadership and guidance on our travels. He also challenged us to try a range of new experiences, all of which expanded our horizons and whose lessons I'm still applying in my personal and professional life. Of these, the most important was the value of human connection."