Michael Veltri is a business transformation keynote speaker, Nationwide Bestselling author, and consultant with an exclusive system for achieving peak performance called The Mushin WayMushin (pronounced “moo-sheen”) means “no-mind” in Japanese, and Michael further defines it as “no-distractions”, “no-fear” — clarity.  Clarity of the Transformed Warrior.

Michael teaches relevant and retainable tools and techniques to keynote audiences around the world drawing from his unique background and unparalleled qualifications:

  • Leadership Expert and Fortune 500 Consultant for Top Organizations — From Samsung Business to the CIA;
  • Managing Partner of the Executive Search Firm, InterSearch, with Proven C-Suite Experience Working with Multi-National Companies;
  • Three­-Time Entrepreneur — Serving as Founder and CEO of Each Successful Start­up;
  • Cancer Survivor Sharing his Message of Resilience and Indomitable Spirit with Audiences Worldwide;
  • U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Teaching Teams How to Create Organizational Esprit de Corps;
  • Professional Athlete, Aikido Martial Arts Master, and Zen Adept Having Trained in Japan for 10­ Years;
  • Nationwide Bestselling Author of The Mushin Way to Peak Performance:  The Path to Productivity, Balance, and Success, Published by Wiley & Sons

Nick Morgan

CEO, Author, Keynote Speaker, HBR & Forbes Blogger

“Michael Veltri's transformational keynotes offer a surprising new way to cut through the confusion, clutter, and information overload we all face today in business. You need to get him talking to your executives today to equip them with the tools and techniques to truly transform their businesses.”

Business Transformation Keynote Topic & Benefits

Today’s senior executives are not tasked with maintaining the status quo. They are responsible for defining and driving transformational change — while simultaneously achieving growth targets, meeting performance goals, and aligning on-the-ground activities with “big picture” organizational strategy.

In this Business Transformation Keynote Event, Michael empowers senior leaders with the insights and approaches they need to:

  • Turn Chaos into Clarity, and Obstacles into Opportunities;
  • Achieve Rapid, Measurable Results that Boost Performance & Profitability;
  • Silence Internal & External Distractions;
  • Learn Transformative Business Strategies Based on Proven Experience and Unique “Pillars of Excellence”;
  • Complete Projects Effectively & Efficiently;

Ultimately, senior executives will discover how The Mushin Way helps them successfully drive transformational change across their organization when the stakes are high, the pace is fast, and the outcomes are unclear.

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Jeremy Kenerson

Co-Founder - WKG Media

I have worked with Michael for over a year. He is a consummate professional that anyone can rely on — anytime. His genuine demeanor and poised presence creates clarity, teamwork, and understanding in all situations. The success my team and I have achieve over the last year is transformational.

From his dynamic keynote events, seminars, and unique corporate retreats, Michael can help your organizations succeed the same way. Don’t wait — contact him now to find out how he can benefit your organization.