Pure Clarity (Sumi-Kiri)

Insight + (Relevant) Action = Results

I enlisted in the Marine Corps at age 18 and went straight to bootcamp upon graduating from high school.  A few years later I found myself stationed in Japan having the time of my life.  After three years in Japan, I finished my active duty commitment to Uncle Sam and had a big decision to make:  To remain long-term in Japan, I needed a work visa.  To get a work visa, I need a four-year college degree.  The only problem was I had only completed two years of my undergraduate degree while on active duty in the Marine Corps.  My goal of living long-term in Japan was about to slip through my fingers.

Where Are Your Strengths Holding You Back? (Part 2)

This is a continuation from my last blog post where I talk about how your strengths can hold you back and prevent you from truly achieving success.A few weeks ago on my last trip to Japan, I was viscerally reminded of this important principle while working out with my Aikido master.  I’m 20+ years younger than him, stronger, faster, bigger and the list goes on.  Yet when I grabbed him, it was like trying to grab water — he flowed, relaxed, and moved effortlessly.