The Biggest Leadership Takeaway From UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor

The Biggest Leadership Takeaway From UFC 229: Michael Veltri

“Did you see the McGregor fight on Saturday?” I’ve been asked that a bazillion times the last few days. So…..did YOU see it? Did you see the mixed martial arts event of the century that showcased the brash, Irish loud-mouth Conor McGregor against the stoic, Russian steam-roller, Khabib Nurmagomedov? (Don’t worry — I still can’t pronounce it either.)

In a nutshell, loud-mouth McGregor got his butt beat by the stoic Russian. After Khabib defeated McGregor in the 4th round, the raucous crowd became even more raucous and rowdy. Someone from McGregor’s entourage yelled something at Khabib. And boys will be boys: Khabib quickly climbed over the octagon “cage” and jumped into the crowd to fight with McGregor’s entourage.

What had been a marvelous, hard-fought win by Khabib, was now an embarrassing, ugly brawl with untold legal, moral, and ethical ramifications. And absolutely NO dignity.

In the business world, do you lead with dignity? What about at home and within your community — how do you talk with and lead your family members, friends, and neighbors? How do YOU define dignity? Here’s the definition I like, “The state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.”

And how great would it be if we were all leaders in our company and community worthy of honor or respect? All the time. Especially when “the going gets tough”, or when you’re tired and frustrated, or when you’re angry and REALLY pissed off. So try this to grow as a dignified leader worthy of honor or respect:

30-Seconds of DIGNIFIED Action: Try One or All of These

  1. The words we use are incredibly powerful. They can inspire and uplift or insult and offend. When you disagree with or misunderstand a colleague at work or loved one at home, try using the phrase, “It seems to me…” to get your point across in a dignified, respectful manner.

  2. Practice serving others — at work and at home — and expecting absolutely NOTHING in return. The more you give the more you ultimately receive. Seriously. Give it a try.

  3. CPR — Create Pressure Relief: When stress, frustration, or anger is building up to the point of an undignified explosion, have a HEALTHY fail-safe pressure relief process: Go workout for 30-minutes, or go to Starbucks for a coffee break, or call your best friend from high school or college to vent. Whatever you do, have a HEALTHY pressure relief process to help handle the undignified explosions that are lurking in all of us.

Because when you score a “BIG WIN” whether at work or home or during the most-watched UFC to date, conducting yourself with dignity, respect, and honor ensures you continue to win big in business, life, and well beyond.

If you have any questions on the action steps listed here, are struggling to come up with your own unique “Pressure Relief Process”, or have other innovative and motivational ways to grow as a dignified leader, post a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @mpveltri. I’d love to hear from you!

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