Do You Embrace Servant Leadership?

Servant Leadership Michael Veltri

I had very successful C-suite executive ask me recently, “Michael, how do I get my team to complete their projects on time and under budget?” Have you ever thought the same thing? Perhaps you have to convince not only your work team to complete their projects in a timely, cost-effective way, but you also have to convince your team at home — your husband, or wife, or kids — to do the same thing!

I struggled with the exact same question. And what worked for me, and what I’ve seen work for countless others, is when I threw all my time, energy, and efforts in to serving those who “serve” me. That is, when I truly embraced Servant Leadership.

And here is exactly what I mean by embracing servant leadership: Get up, get out, and get into action to serve your work colleagues, your direct reports, your superiors, your subordinates, and / or everyone connected to your organization if possible. In this “me first” world we now inhabit, put OTHERS first.

This does not mean DOING the work you assign your team. This means making sure your team has the resources to do the work you assign them, or removing bottlenecks in their workflow, or perhaps just asking them what they need from you to accomplish their tasks. If you make other peoples’ lives easier, your life will also become exponentially easier, more productive, and abundant.

So try these three simple steps to start strengthening your Servant Leadership “muscle” and watch your project — both at work and at home — get completed on time and under budget!

30-Seconds of Servant Leadership Action

Step 1. Get Up: Literally. Get up from you office, or open floor plan, or wherever you sit and work and be seen by your colleagues for 15 to 20 minutes (every other day is fine). Not in an overbearing “big brother/sister is watching you” way, but in a way that let’s your team know you are there to help, support, and benefit them.

Step 2. Get Out: In addition to getting up, get out and experience what your team is experiencing. Go on some sales calls with your team if you are a sales manager, visit vendors and other clients, or simply go out on a coffee run and surprise your team with their favorite Starbucks drink.

Step 3. Get Into Action: Do HELPFUL things for others. Do not create more work for your team. By bending over backwards to help your team you will build loyalty, create teamwork, and most importantly MODEL the behavior that will create other helpful Servant Leaders.

Try these three steps to grow and develop your servant leadership “muscle". And watch your projects get completed on time and under budget while making better decisions that positively impact your career, company, and community.

If you have questions, comments, or other innovative ways to grow as a servant leader, leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @mpveltri. I’d love to hear from you!

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