Is Your Leadership Style Built on a Strong Foundation?

Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed the beautiful rural Pennsylvania house, Fallingwater, in 1935. He built the house around an existing waterfall, ensuring the house’s super-strong foundation was firmly anchored into massive boulders found all around the waterfall.

83-years later, the house still stands — iconic, memorable, regal — because of the rock-solid foundation. Can you say the same about your leadership style? Is it built on a rock-solid foundation that will withstand the test of time?

As a leadership keynote speaker, I often speak to successful C-suite executives and management teams looking to further develop and strengthen their leadership “muscle”. I recently spoke at a Fortune 100 healthcare giant where I shared with the audience practical knowledge on how to make better decisions to fuel-inject their leadership and increase productivity.

And as an early Christmas present to you, I’d like to share the same action steps and practical knowledge to help you fuel-inject your leadership, business performance, and growth:

3 Steps to Strengthen Your Leadership Foundation: ASK + ASSESS + ACTION

Step 1. — ASK: How do you define your leadership style? Is it autocratic, democratic, charismatic, or bureaucratic even? Are you people-oriented, task-oriented, both, neither? These are just a few leadership style examples. What the first thing that comes to mind when you ask, “What type of leader am I?”

Step 2. — ASSESS: Is your current leadership style sufficient? Can you expand your leadership range by 10%, 25%, or 100% even? What would that specifically look like? Get others involved — mentors, colleagues, business coaches — to help you assess and answer these questions.

Step 3. — ACTION: Take 30-seconds to jot down three SIMPLE actions steps you can take to expand your leadership style. For example, leaders are readers. Perhaps you finally download that leadership audio book you’ve been meaning to get? Or you go talk to your boss about getting an executive leadership coach or mentor? Even if that means paying for it yourself…

Because without building your leadership style on a rock-solid foundation, you risk burnout, frustration, and resignation when the going gets tough. And as successful business professionals, we all know the going absolutely get tough. Is your leadership up to the task?

If you have questions, comments, or other innovative ways to strengthen your leadership foundation, leave a comment below or hit me up on Twitter @mpveltri. I’d love to hear from you!


From life or death decisions on the battlefield to the boardroom, Michael Veltri draws on his background as a battle-hardened C-suite executive and decorated U.S. Marine Corps veteran to teach CEOs and senior executives better decision-making skills that deliver stunning results. As a professional-level Japanese martial arts instructor, Veltri blends the fluid and flexible qualities of the martial arts with bleeding-edge business savvy to bring a completely fresh perspective on decision-making skills. His inspiring presentation delivers practical tools that can be used immediately to fuel-inject leadership, increase productivity, and deliver bottom-line results. Learn more at: